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Lumber wholesale and retail

The beginning of any repair or construction work is always a fascinating, but rather responsible process. First of all, you need to take good care of purchasing high-quality building materials, for example, to buy lumber. These products can certainly be called the most environmentally friendly option for decoration. Materials from a tree are perfectly suitable both for draft works in your room, and for a final decor of the room. In the first case, they will help you to insulate the housing and provide a more reliable sound insulation in comparison with untreated walls and other surfaces. Almost any wood products are suitable for this purpose. If you plan to beautifully complement the new interior with wooden elements, then you will definitely need to buy lumber, paying particular attention to the quality of these products.

What is lumber and how to use it?

At its core, lumber is a natural wood, which most often comes in the form of large and wide boards. They can be divided into three most important types: plate, board and timber. Timber has the biggest variety of sizes and types. It is obtained from solid trunks of trees by longitudinal cutting and has a rectangular or square shape. It is worth noting that deciduous and coniferous trees can be used for this purpose. Since the timber is an independent building material, these lumber can be bought for the construction of baths, sheds and other economic structures.

As for the board, it has become the most popular type of lumber. Depending on its quality, as well as its width, the board can be used for external or internal work. A plate is a log, sawn into two identical parts. It is used for various business tasks, as well as for effective decoration of the interior and giving it a unique style.