Material phytotreatment

What is it for?

In the manufacture of packaging fresh wood is often used without required processing. This can cause the spread of harmful microorganisms and larvae on products that are transported on pallets.

The Secretariat of the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), approved the Standard for Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures ISPM 15 “Guidelines for the regulation of wood packaging materials in international trade” to minimize all the risks.

In accordance with the requirements of this Standard, there should be no bark on the wooden packages and fasteners, no wood pests and their burrows. Wood must undergo a decontamination procedure, heat treatment is carried out for it. One of the methods of heat treatment, according to the Standard, is the wood drying in the special chamber.

Wood heat treatment prices

Type Price
Edged softwood board (pine) STB1713-2007 class 2-3 25-44 mm 15 Eur/m3
Edged softwood timber STB1713-2007 class 2-3 100-150 mm 15 Eur/m3
Wood palette from 0,3 Eur for 1 unit


According to the requirements of ISPM Standard 15, wood packaging and fastening materials must be free of bark, wood pests and their paths, and also subjected to decontamination. Heat treatment is one of the types of disinfection provided by the ISPM 15 standard. Chamber drying is one of the methods of heat treatment.


At the very start the material is dumped up into the drying chambers with a loader. This is done in a certain way according to the instructions and standards. The material is stacked using wooden slats.


Next, the gate closes and the material is directly subjected to a heat treatment process. Different temperatures and durations of heating are applied for different raw materials.


Then the cooling process takes place with the gate closed and the channels open. Cooling ends when the temperature of the material drops to 40 degrees.


Than the material is stored in the wood processing shop or feed up onto a vehicle for shipment to the final customer.

Wood heat treatment temperature and time

Temperature Moisture, % Wood type Heating time, min.
60 °C >25 Pine 540
  >25 Poplar 430
  <25 Pine and Poplar 270
70 °C >25 Pine and Poplar 300
  <25 Pine and Poplar 150
80 °C >25 Pine and Poplar 130
  <25 Pine and Poplar 90


Termolegno CSD 50. The internal dimensions of the complex: 2 cameras of size 6500x6000x4100 mm. Fully automatic control unit allows precise control of the process.

Electronic process control equipment is a modern controller with a graphic display and a programmable menu. Standard equipment also includes:

  • 6 samples for measuring wood moisture;
  • 2 samples for temperature inside the chamber;
  • 2 samples for equilibrium humidity inside the chamber;
  • proportional control outputs for nozzles, pipes, heating, and a fan;
  • Windows software that allows you to receive graphic data and to process it even from a distance.

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