Rolled metal

Rolled metal

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Rolled metal wholesale and retail

The main activity of our enterprise is the wholesale of metal products. The majority of consumers are state-owned enterprises of the Republic of Belarus.

Metal products are industrial products, which are made of ferrous or non-ferrous metals. Such goods are necessarily rolled on special purpose machines using hot and cold processing. In most cases, it is produced from iron ore under the influence of long and intensive processing. The quality of the processing and the raw materials involved in this process directly determines the quality of the final product. It is important to know if you are going to buy metal in bulk.

Such metal elements are used everywhere: construction processes, railway production, repair and design activities, automotive, oil refining, aircraft and shipbuilding.

Product range

We can offer everyone an incredibly rich range of products of the best quality, which will allow you to purchase metal in bulk, responding to high consumer demands. The catalog contains products that are divided into types depending on the functional purpose:

pipes (cast iron, steel, metal pipes);
varietal (armature, strips, squares);
shaped (beams, channels, corners);
sheet (corrugated sheet, professional flooring).