Suction dredging and sand mining

The essence of the process

One of the most effective methods of earthworks is a suction dredging of soil (sand, clay, rubble, and other rocks). Soil intake is carried out with the use of a dredger. It is a dumb craft on which suction equipment is installed, which shatters and lifts a pulp from the bottom of the quarry (a mixture of soil and water). With the help of the installed equipment, the pulp is fed through the shore pipe to the required distance.

The benefits of suction dredging over dry excavation.

Environmental friendliness

During the process of soil extraction by the dredger an artificial reservoir is formed. This fact greatly simplifies and reduces the cost of nature conservation measures and sometimes solves several problems at once: extraction of the soil and the creation of a water body in a newly built neighborhood.


Fewer people and technology are involved in the process. This also requires less energy and logistics costs.


There is no need in usage of additional equipment for the soil transportation, therefore infrastructure is unnecessary. Consequently, the process is not limited in space. In addition, soil can be taken from a lower depth than with other types of mining.


The use of suction dredgers makes it possible to obtain a larger volume of soil from a smaller area.

The existing equipment allows the pulp to be fed at a distance of several kilometers from the quarry. Then, in the course of the technological process, water is filtered out and returns to the reservoir (quarry), where the work of the dredger is performed.

The washed soil is placed in a pile, from where it is collected by consumers (loading and unloading). Thereby, water is circulated and nature conservation measures are provided.

Land reclamation

The first task like this for our company was the alluvium of approaches to the overpass through the railway in Navabielica, Homiel’. The presence of high-level specialists in the staff, the well-coordinated work of the team, the usage of new technologies and modern experience, the unique specialized equipment, made it possible to successfully complete work on many important housing projects. Since its inception, we have completed a lot of ambitious projects. Our company today is the flagship of this industry in Belarus.

Order service

The cost of the suction dredging service is calculated individually and depends on the range of relocation of equipment, the class of soil being developed, the range of sand transportation, etc. Call or write to us – and we will definitely advise you on all questions.