Steel channels

Steel channels

Channel Numbering

Example: channel 24P.
24 is the number of the channel and the height between its shelves;
The letter “P” – parallel shelves (there may also be a letter “U”, which indicates the slope of the inner walls of the shelves).

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Steel channel wholesale and retail

Standard channel is a light but very durable metal profile. It is able to withstand almost any lateral load, and therefore plays the role of a supporting element. In addition, it is the channel that allows you to assemble the necessary structure absolutely without using welded joints. The main material for the manufacture of channels is steel. It should be noted that it can be both low-alloyed and carbonated.

In addition, in the modern construction market, you can buy a channel with anti-corrosion coating. Purchase of this type of product is definitely worth it if the future design will come into contact with the open air. Special coating will allow you to significantly extend the service life of used channels, making them resistant to the negative effects of the external environment.

Large selection of products and favorable conditions of purchase

The great demand for construction channels also accounts for a diverse range of these rolled products. The variety of sizes (numbers) allows you to buy a channel for structures of absolutely any scale. In addition, these metal products may vary in shape: for example, there are rounded, angled, and other specialized options. They guarantee your building maximum reliability and stability. There are also perforated products. These channels are very often used when installing electrical and other communications. In addition, the low weight and compact dimensions make it easy to transport such products.

With us you can always buy a channel, no matter what size of product you need. Since the demand for options of various sizes is growing all the time, modern metal rolling plants provide customers with a wide selection of quality channels. In our store there are sure to find the right products, and the conditions of their sale will delight every customer.