Special equipment rental

Why rent?

Any construction demands the involvement of special equipment. The various stages of work are much easier with its use. There is no sense to buy equipment to use it once or twice, because it’s very expensive. The optimal solution in this case is special equipment for rent. It is necessary to approach the choice of the company offering such services very carefully in order to get high-quality machines in good technical condition. This will ensure uninterrupted construction work.

Available types of equipment

  • Dredgers;
  • Bulldozers;
  • Excavators;
  • Boats;
  • Tractors;
  • Pipelayers;
  • Freight and passenger road transport;
  • Welding units.

Own park of equipment

The equipment presented here belongs exclusively to us. In this case, we do not resort to the services of intermediaries, because it’s the only way to be sure of proper care and any surprises.

Large working experience

Our drivers, crane operators and other workers are always ready to take on your tasks if required. All of them, without exception, have extensive experience and a high level of responsibility.

Condition guarantee

To ensure that cooperation with our partners and customers is stable and developing, we always keep our equipment in excellent condition. Our machines are ready to start working at any time!

Favorable rates

Our organization owns and controls the entire process completely. Due to this and other factors, our rental prices for equipment can be really surprising.

With the help of our equipment you can

To perform various stages of construction work without risks and problems. No need to think about what it serves and buy components. Just rent the equipment and use it.

To build in adverse weather conditions. Our equipment has everything you need to carry out construction work, regardless of the weather.

Don’t think about downtime. The necessary equipment will be delivered to the client’s construction site as quickly as possible.

Solve power supply issues at the unit. With the help of our diesel generator you can perform work in places where there is no possibility to connect to the network.

Quick and efficient solving of required tasks. A dump truck, an excavator, a truck crane and other types of special equipment will help to quickly solve the tasks: to build the foundation, to carry out installation or take out the garbage.

Provide all equipment with compressed air pneumatic equipment.

Order service

Payment is possible both cash and non-cash. Lending is possible. Call or email us – and we will certainly advise you on all issues.