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Steel armature

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Depending on the purpose of this product, different types of armature are used. Of course, it is most often used in the construction of various objects.
For example, concrete structures cannot be imagined without a solid foundation. It is this that turns an ordinary building into a truly immutable reinforced concrete structure. If you need to build something of concrete, the first thing you need to buy is reinforcement. In the modern market of building materials there are several types of these components, which allow to realize practically any engineering ideas.

Basically, the valve is divided into rod and wire. Reinforced versions in the form of welded meshes are also available. Most often almost any armature fits to the construction of the house. When designing a house, engineers use reinforcement bars of various thicknesses, combining types of these products to achieve an optimal result. It is necessary to buy armature of a certain type only when building the foundation, since more stringent requirements are usually placed on it.

Purpose of reinforcement products

The most popular in the construction of houses, including multi-storey, is longitudinal and transverse reinforcement. It belongs to the category of rod armature. Most often, these steel products are purchased in the form of long rods, and already in place are collected in the reinforcing mesh. It is worth considering that the distance between the rods must exceed their own diameter. As for the wire reinforcement, it is used to strengthen the building, but never takes on the main load.

All main types of reinforcement products are presented in our catalog. If you are looking for lucrative offers for the sale of building materials, then you will find them with us. We offer to buy armature for various purposes, which is of high quality and affordable price.