Cable drums

Cable drums

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Wooden cable drums wholesale and retail

Our products meet European standards, comply with GOST 5151-79 (sizes from No8 to No30). It is also possible to manufacture drums by order. We manufacture drums on the German line, which is fully automated.

We produce high quality drums, which is achieved using modern high-precision equipment. Cable drums produced by our company have the following advantages:

  • High precision manufacturing elements of the drum and, as a consequence, high rigidity of the drum in the assembled state, which is achieved by the high adaptability of the equipment;
  • Minimum gaps between the boards, due to the pneumatic crimping flange blanks;
  • Damage to the insulation of the cable is eliminated by the fact that the heads on the inner side of the flanges are recessed into the wood by 5-7 mm, then the flange surfaces are machined with a mill using a pneumatic nailing machine;
  • The possibility of assembling the drum without the use of nails, which is achieved by milling times for the middle bar on the inner side of the flanges, on the diameter of the cervical circle;
  • Ability to complete snail drums from No12 and above;
  • The drums are tougher at the fracture due to the assembly of drum sizes from No18 and above with an internal sleeve between the layers of the boards;
  • The smooth cylindrical shape of the neck, which is achieved by milling the middle bar along the radius;
  • Possibility of pressing the flanges of the drums No12 and higher with a metal band;