Steel angles

Steel angles

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Designation of the angles

To understand the notation of the angles, consider an example.

There is a steel angle, the dimensions of which are 50x50x5 mm. The first and second number is the width of the shelves (A = B = 50 mm), the third number is the thickness of the shelf, which is t = 5 mm.

The length of the corners of steel can vary in the range: 4-12 meters. This parameter can be seen in the appropriate column. Measured length in meters.

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An angle is a metal profile that has a shape similar to the letter L. There are two main types of these products – depending on the method of production, the corners can have different practical properties. Therefore, before you buy a angle for use in construction work, you should decide which option is best for you.

So-called hot-rolled angles are made by rolling a steel billet using high temperatures. Most often they are used for the manufacture of complex metal structures and various compounds. Bent corners are made on special machines. They have less weight and safety margin compared to hot-rolled ones, and therefore they are better to be used in the construction of lighter structures.

Angles also differ in sectional view. Angle with equal shelves can be used for almost any kind of work. Such a product has a high rigidity and great versatility. There are models with non equal shelves. In such angles, one side is wider than the other. Their exact ratio varies depending on the type of metal product. These products are less versatile and are used to solve specific problems.