Round electrowelded pipes

Round electrowelded pipes

Designation of electrowelded pipes

To understand the designation of pipes, consider the following example: The pipe has the parameters: 76×3.0 mm. The first number is the outer diameter (d = 76 mm), the second number is the wall thickness (S = 3 mm).

The length of pipes can vary in the range of 4-12 meters. You can view this parameter in the appropriate column.

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Electrowelded steel pipes wholesale and retail

Electrowelded steel pipes with high performance and resistance to high loads can be used:

  • during the construction of metal structures;
  • in the main heating systems;
  • for transportation of gas, oil, oil products, and also other liquid and gaseous products.

The production of electrowelded steel pipes consists in the forming of sheet metal and its subsequent welding.